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Welcome to Life Through Surrogacy, Inc. of South Florida! We are dedicated to helping intended parents achieve their dreams of having a family of their own through the process of gestational surrogacy.


Life Through Surrogacy, Inc. is a surrogacy agency that matches prospective intended parents with prospective gestational carriers (also known as “surrogate mothers”) throughout Broward, Miami-Dade, and Palm Beach Counties, as well as Orlando and Central Florida, and manages all the complex arrangements associated with a gestational surrogacy. We are your “helping hand” throughout your surrogate cycle.



With a strong emphasis on communication throughout every step of the process, Life Through Surrogacy, Inc. works with a wide variety of prospective surrogate mothers and prospective intended parents, with the goal of helping those who are otherwise unable to finally reach their dreams of parenthood. We place a strong emphasis on the screening, counseling, education and support of the surrogate mothers with whom we work to maximize the possibility of a positive outcome for our surrogates and intended parents alike. While there are no guarantees, we feel we have the track record and know-how you can trust.


Life Through Surrogacy, Inc. works with a network of experienced professionals in the legal and medical fields. Our preferred providers of medical and legal services, understand surrogacy law, have years of gestational surrogacy expertise, and many successful gestational surrogacies behind them. We serve the greater metro areas of Ft. Lauderdale, West Palm Beach, Miami, Orlando, and all areas in between.


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Surrogacy South Florida Surrogacy South Florida Surrogacy South Florida